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To provide our customers the best product and value available in the market. We provide these with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with passion, compassion some humor and style.

To become Arizona’s leading Wholesale Fresh Flower Warehouse, understanding and satisfying the needs and trends of the new generation of florist, artist and designers. 

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As if one owner from South America was not enough…

we went to Europe too! Born in Paris, France,

her experience in business management has much to offer to our tough industry! Energetic Juliana has learned all about the business alongside sales and purchasing.  When away from work, she enjoys some shop til’ you drop and can always go for some quality time with close friends.


Email: Phone: 602-714-7514 ext. 201


Everyone has got to have the Midwest guy! Originally

from Iowa, funny man Dan is one of our precious gems here at

We Got Flowers. With over twenty five plus years in the floral industry, Dan is our definite go to with the difficult flower questions. When not dedicating his undivided attention at work, he enjoys some quiet time at home with his lovely wife and fur babies and watching a good round of golf.


Email: Phone: 602-714-7514 ext. 202

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Born and raised in the valley of the sun,

Sunshine Steve has been in the floral industry since he was

a teen, learning alongside his Dad, giving him twenty-five plus years of sales experience in the wholesale business. When not at work, Steve enjoys some time at home with doggies and raising chickens. When given the opportunity, he also enjoys a good day of sports or boating alongside his wife of twenty plus years. 


Email: Phone: 602-714-7514 ext 205


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We at We Got Flowers have no need to wait around            

for fourth of July to enjoy a colorful show of fireworks.          Our firecracker Art is one of the biggest free spirits in disguise. As a driver for many years in the floral industry, Art’s passion and love for his job are evident and are only a small piece of proof of his wonderful personality. When not at work, he enjoys every sport, every game. Our guess, he could probably even tell you the Champions of every season for the last ten years.


Email: Phone: 602-326-3563

Isidro is native from Guanajuato

Mexico he is been in the US for 28 years and has been working with flowers for over 27 years. He is an exceptionally dedicated and resourceful in everything related to plants and nurseries. He has extensive botanical knowledge and excellent customer service skills. 


Email: Phone: 602-714-7514

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Born and raised in Phoenix and Scottsdale Community

College alumni, Chad has been in the IT industry for over

twenty years. He enjoys learning about the new technologies

and also enjoys the constant evolving industry. On his spare

time, he enjoys a good work out, cooking, and baking amazingly

delicious cookies for his co-workers.


Email: Phone: 602-714-7514


Jose is our law enforcement officer. He has been a

member of our team since he was 16 years old and we have seen him grow and accomplish his goals throughout the way. When not working his full time job for the state, Jose can be found working at the warehouse making everyone laugh with his outgoing characteristics and creative personality. Jose enjoys traveling and hanging out with his family on his days off.

 Owner of We Got Flowers, raised in Ecuador, Daniela brings the real connections from Ecuador to Downtown Phoenix, offering our customers the best of the best! Whenever she is away from working hard at growing our wholesale warehouse, she enjoys spending time with her three boys at home, her puppies!


Email: Phone: Phone: 602-714-7514 ext. 203


Alfredo has been a part of We Got Flowers since 2015! His bright and bubbly personality puts smiles on the faces of all the crew here. He loves to play soccer and is super adventurous. This kid has a very bright future.

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Alejandra has been with We Got Flowers

since the beginning. She does a

little bit of everything around here.

Whatever project is needed Alejandra is up to the task. She is mother to 3 beautiful children. In her off time she enjoys dancing and spending time with her lovely family.

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